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Sundays 9:15 - 10:15 a.m.
The goal of the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Religious Education (CCD Program is to teach Catholic Doctrine, Scripture and Prayer in a Christian atmosphere where each person is treated with dignity and respect.

When parents ask the parish Community for Baptism, parents make the commitment to see that their child is instructed in theCatholic faith. the parish community recognizes this as a tremendous task, inorder to elp parents fulfil this obligation, the parish provides a Religious Education Program for Kindergarten - 12th grade.

2001/2002 Schedule
September 9 October No Class 7th November 4
16 No Class 14th No Class 11
23 21 18
No Class 30th 28 No Class 25

December 2 January 6 February 3
9 13 10
16 20 17
No Class 23rd 27 24
No Class 30th

March 3 April No Class 7th May 5
10 14
17 21
No Class 24th 28
No Class 31st
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